Cyclops Fixed LED Lightening Solutions 

Cyclops LED fixed light solutions offer easily reachable jog dial and button for smooth high resolution dimmer adjustment. A powerful single source LED luminaire has been designed specifically to provide the highest quality of light with high CRI. High resolution DMX dimming and a native 23 output, make it universally appealing. Designed and built entirely at Czech facility.

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Digital Moving Light 

The Cyclops Digital moving light projector provides powerful output with possible 3D capabilities when combining several units together. Despite its light weight and small footprint, the Digital spot provides large hard drive storage space for digital content (images, movies, textures and effects), Composite video input via BNC connector and now also comes with the possibility for optional DVI/VGA or SDI/ ASI grabbing cards, Special design includes remote DMX controlled power on/off, CITP-MSEX protocol for preview of content thumbnails on DMX desks or enhanced network settings for remote access  

Light Shark 

The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world of the LightShark software engine and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic hardware control surface. 4 encoders, 10 master playbacks and a color built-in display, combined with a complete set of RGB buttons, give the users a full console platform able to manage incredible shows in a very reduced size, which is compatible with airplane carry-on luggage.

The LS-1 includes a built-in stand to hold a device like a tablet on the back of the LS-1, and an extra dedicated USB charging socket on the rear panel to keep associated tablets or Smartphones charged at all times.

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